Meet our Partners


We are proud to collaborate with various organizations and individuals who share our vision of promoting inclusive education and providing support to teachers and creating a more equitable environment.

One of our esteemed partners is Smita Srivastava, the founder of FormEdOn.


FormEdOn is a renowned company dedicated to supporting individuals and families with disabilities. This includes assisting employers and educational institutions in developing inclusive practices to gain sustainable, long-term competitive advantages. We are thrilled to be working closely with Smita and FormEdOn on several projects aimed at enhancing educational experiences and opportunities for students with disabilities.

Together with FormEdOn, LETSknow is committed to empowering teachers with support programs that equip them with the necessary tools and knowledge to effectively work with students with disabilities. We firmly believe that every student deserves an inclusive and nurturing learning environment, and our collaboration with FormEdOn helps us achieve this goal.

In addition, we are excited to collaborate with FormEdOn on programs specifically designed for disabled newcomers to Canada. These programs aim to provide tailored support and resources to ensure a smooth transition and successful integration into the Canadian working and education systems.

By partnering with FormEdOn, LETSknow strengthens its dedication to fostering inclusivity, diversity, and equal access to quality education for all learners. Together, we strive to create a supportive and inclusive educational landscape that embraces the unique needs and abilities of every individual.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Smita and FormEdOn for their unwavering commitment and expertise in empowering individuals with disabilities and promoting inclusive practices in education. Their partnership is instrumental in advancing our mission and making a positive impact in the lives of students and educators alike.

Smita Srivastava, founder of FormEdOn

For more information about FormEdOn and their remarkable work, please visit their website at

Second Chance Immigration Services

We are pleased to introduce Marouane Cherkaoui, a valued partner and a regulated Canadian immigration consultant (RCIC) at Second Chance Immigration Solutions.

Second Chance Immigration Services logo

Marouane specializes in assisting individuals who aspire to study or work in Canada. Marouane provides comprehensive guidance and support as an experienced RCIC to help people find the right programs and navigate the complexities of the visa application process. Marouane’s expertise and university collaborations in Canada make him a valuable resource for students seeking educational opportunities in the country.

As part of our partnership with Marouane and Second Chance Immigration Solutions, LETSknow registered students can benefit from a complimentary consultation. This exclusive offer allows students to receive personalized advice and insights to enhance their educational journey in Canada.

In addition, we are exploring joint initiatives with FormEdOn and Second Chance Immigration Solutions. This will allow us to develop programs specifically tailored for disabled students to study in Canada. Our shared vision is to provide the necessary help and support to ensure the success of disabled students in Canada. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we aim to create inclusive educational environments that empower students with disabilities to thrive.

We are excited about the potential of these collaborations and the positive impact they will have on students’ lives. We are dedicated to breaking down barriers and fostering equal access to education for all.

LETSknow extends our sincere appreciation to Marouane for his invaluable support and expertise in assisting students with their immigration and visa needs. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with Second Chance Immigration Solutions. We look forward to continuing our joint efforts in supporting students’ educational aspirations.

Marouane Cherkaoui

For more information about Second Chance Immigration Solutions and their services, please visit their website at

Together, LETSknow, FormEdOn, and our esteemed partners strive to make a difference in the lives of students by providing the help, support, and opportunities they deserve.

If you have any questions about our partners and partnerships, or are interested in partnering with LETSknow contact us

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