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At LETSknow, we are dedicated to revolutionizing education by bringing hybrid learning opportunities to schools worldwide. We understand the evolving needs of students and the importance of providing them with engaging and effective educational experiences. That’s why we work closely with schools to deliver innovative solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

Our team of experienced teachers from around the world brings a wealth of knowledge in online teaching methodologies, ensuring seamless integration of technology in the learning process. Additionally, our teachers are adept at working with students who have behavior and learning challenges, providing them with the necessary support and personalized attention to thrive academically.

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We take pride in our premium programs designed to make learning English a fun and exciting journey. Through interactive lessons, captivating activities, and engaging resources, we foster a positive and stimulating environment where students can develop their language skills with enthusiasm and confidence.

As a school partner with LETSknow, you gain access to our extensive network of skilled teachers, cutting-edge technology, and a range of premium programs. Together, we can empower students with a hybrid learning experience that combines the best of online instruction and classroom interaction, ensuring their academic success and preparing them for a global future.

Join us on this exciting educational journey and let us collaborate to create a dynamic learning environment that ignites students’ passion for learning and helps them unlock their full potential.

Talk Centre

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Talk Centre specialises in teaching French and English to young children. Their dedicated team along with our skilled online teachers create a nurturing and engaging environment for language learning, incorporating interactive activities, games, and storytelling. With a focus on strong communication skills,  empowering children to express themselves confidently.

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